Monday, March 15, 2010

From a great 2 week vacation with my girl's and I am back to taking orders. I tried my best to respond to all of my emails while I was away. But, if you are still waiting to hear from me please email me again with your order or questions.
I am posting a picture of a double rectangle design I made just before I went away. These sterling silver bars are hand stamped in my new lowercase font and I just love it!
Due to the increase in price of silver lately, prices will be going up as of April 1st.
Orders can also be placed in my etsy shop at

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, you make some lovely jewelry. I read your blog and it must be exciting to have your work in boutiques and stores. Real silver lasts a lifetime. I can understand how you feel because I buy beads and supplies from a wholesaler and put together some really fanciful stuff. I’ve been using magnetic clasps for my older clientele. I love to use glass beads, some Lucite, natural stone like Apache tears, obsidian, amber (when I can get it), and turquoise. I think that young women will easily buy your jewelry designer art online . Your designs for bracelets, drop pendants and necklaces are ultra clean and modern. They represent what girls like today. My niece asked for a Tiffany. I was pretty shocked when it turned out to be a big plain linked choker. Tiffany meant diamonds and a big price tag in the sixties. Well they still have a big price tag. Best of luck on your jewelry line, you have some great ideas.