Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am very excited about this new pendant. It is so elegant yet can be worn as a casual piece as well.
I took a few different shots of it, so everyone can see how it looks from different angles. I also love how even with out an accent it looks great!
This first picture shows the necklace with a freshwater pearl accent and the other two are without. A coloured swarovski crystal can be added as well instead of a pearl.


lorides said...

I love the Teardrop necklace, very pretty jewelry

lace said...

This is such a great shape and so different from anything I've seen. I like it.

kngmckellar said...

NEW TEARDROP PENDANT is so sweet! I love the unique shape and it is beautiful!

Atreau said...

I love this design, it's so unique.