Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspired Giveaway!!

In June 2005, I delivered my twin girls at only 26.6 weeks into my pregnancy. Three months too soon. Since that day the month of June has always been very bittersweet for me.

Three months of travelling back and forth to see my tiny babies in hospital became very exhausting and emotionally draining. At times my husband and I thought we would never bring them home. By the time they did come home, the fear of them surviving their prematurity had turned to worry of whether or not developmentally they would begin to reach milestones.
Well... they did. They are now 4 years old and are two of the smartest and most beautiful little girls ever. They are the loves of my life and they inspire me each and everyday to appreciate little things.
You can read more about them here!
So for this giveaway in the comments section, tell me what inspires you!
On Sunday June 21st I will pick two winners and announce them here.
The giveaway will be a large 1.5" open circle necklace. Your choice of
name(s) or saying.

Get inspired and get something for free!!


A Giveaway Everyday said...

What inspires me? Well that is a tough question to answer as I have been so blessed. I have good health & a beautiful family. So I guess that I would have to say everything good around me "inspires me". Just knowing that I have what I have makes life beautiful.

Heather said...

I am inspired by so many people in my life that have been through hard trials and come out on top. They are my inspiration to help me get through my own hardships.


Kelley, Dennis and Kaitlin Adams said...

many things inspire me but having a husband work very hard to give my daughter and I everything we need and many things we want is incredible. Not only was he supportive when I had a difficult pregnancy he has been incredibly supportive while I have been returning to school.

Kate said...

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She is one of eleven children and grew up in rural Newfoundland under incredibly tough circumstances, both financially and otherwise. This upbringing must have given her the strength to endure everything else life has thrown at her! With four children of her own, my mother ran quite the "tight ship" while we were growing up. She would plan our family meal menu for the week with our input, and we always had a hot meal for dinner (whether she was at work or not). We were able to go on some amazing family vacations, even if they were just up to our trailer in Collingwood. It was not until university did I learn that we had been on welfare for many years. Thinking back I could not remember us lacking for anything at any time! To me that's a huge testament to her. In more recent years, my Mom has had to go through the loss of a brother to cancer, the rapid decline of my grandmother (the true matriarch of our family), a terrible car accident that left her immobilized for an entire summer and even thyroid cancer. Through it all my Mom has taught me true strength, and that God truly does give us the strength to endure anything that comes our way! My Mom is my hero and inspires me daily to be the best and strongest Mom I can be to my own beautiful girls.

Kate Barnes

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

My husband is my daily inspiration. He loves unconditionally and gives without any reservation.

He is an encourager to all those around! If someone needs help, he's there by there side without any complaint.

I hope I can live each day with as much passion and integrity that he does.


shantellem said...

My children inspire me in more ways than I can count. My two youngest inherited a genetic disorder from me that has resulted in the need for major medical procedures for both of them. My son has had two pulmonary angiograms (before the age of three) and my daughter, who had a stroke in utero, has had a cerebral angiogram (at 9 months old) to repair the weakened vessel in her brain. The fact that these little ones have dealt with issues of such magnitude, at such young ages, and can still greet each day with a smile and a positive outlook inspires me to do the same. My oldest son, who did not inherit this disorder, has been a great source of support and comic relief for all of us through everything that the last two years has brought us. I am so proud to be their mom.

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

I think this is a great giveaway! I am inspired mostly by my baby girl and my husband! My baby makes me strive to be a better loving person, she is also such a blessing to me! I miscarried at 10 weeks before her and was so lucky to get pregnant just a couple months after that! I am also inspired by all the wonderful things Heavenly Father has given me. I love the beautiful surroundings on this earth and love the family I have been given!

Martha said...

Lovely post about your daughters.

I am inspired by my two sons, 14 and 11 y/o, their creativity, kindness, and sense of humor.

I am a RN and I am inspired by my patients and their families and how they live life fully despite serious illnesses.

Thank so much, found you through Tip Junkie.

Kristy Chuhaloff said...

My big sister, Kathy, is my inspiration. She is a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and has a great love for babies. After her two childern became teens, she decided to become a foster mom. Her love for those little babies has been an inspiration to me for years. Last year, she decided to adopt two of the little ones she fostered, and now our family has grown to include Jake and Brooke, and I am so blessed because of it.

Cheryl said...

My kids inspire me; my oldest is blind and never ceases to amaze me with her skills and determination, my second died during labor, my third came 8 weeks early and has been fighting since the get go, and my fourth had to be brought back several times after birth. They all fought so hard to get her and they are such amazing great kids, they make it all worth it.

webowes at hotmail dot com

Mrs. Heather said...

What inspires me is seeing human beings at their best, treating one another as we all should, kindly and with love. Simple acts of service make my day! Like today at the grocery store - I unloaded my bags, got my little boy out of the seat, had him in one arm, my diaper bag in the other, and then attempted to put the cart away - out of nowhere I man appeared and said let me take that for you - and he pushed my cart to the cart area. SO simple, but it made me so happy - if we could all just do simple things for people - strangers, family, and friends I really think this world would be such a better place. It really does have a domino affect - and we can't help but want to spread the love when we are treated kindly!

The West Family said...

What inspires me? That would be the kids I teach. I am a middle school French teacher and everyday I am blessed with 129 of the most amazing young people coming through the door of my classroom. They have a view of the world that is so not jaded by all of the problems and issues that the world faces right now. They work hard and play hard and make me laugh on a daily basis. It is such a pleasure to stand in the front of my classroom and stare at their smiling faces everyday. Teaching is not an easy profession but these kids sure make it better!

Autum said...

My sister is my biggest inspiration in life. She is such an amazing and incredible woman. She is the mother of a sweet little disabled child and two other children, all of which are under the age of 3. Though life has presented her with many challenges and trials, she never gives up. She is the most loving and kind hearted person I know and would do anything for anyone.
She is my hero, my sister, and my friend!

Autum said...

I forgot to include my email on the post I just submitted.
autumallen2 at yahoo dot com

janette said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful necklace...

I'm constantly inspired by other mothers I see around me who have more patience than I do...they make me want to be a better, more patient, gentler mom.


janineem said...

My children inspire me. We have been through a lot. They continue to thrive, persevere, and achieve their goals. I'm so proud of them. Thanks!

Mandi said...

In addition to my sweet girls, I am inspired by our current situation in life! Hah! My hub has gone back to school for a masters degree while I continue to stay home with my sweet little ones (aged 7 mos & 2 years). Our finances inspired me to find ways to help out. Making & creating things is integral to who I am. I always wanted to have a business built on creativity. Now I do! It's still new, but every day I am inspired by my family, the fabric in my stash, something a neighbor says, or that bank account. Hah!

Thanks for the chance to enter a beautiful giveaway!

Skye said...

My inspiration changes with time. Currently my one year old is my inspiration. She is becoming a part of her world and experiencing it to her up most ability. It is so fun to see things click in her understanding. She is figuring out how to do things and get things that she wants.....amazing!

The Perry's said...

My inspiration has changed over the years. My husband used to be my number one inspiration, and really, he still is. I have never met a man who loved me so much, and treated me like a princess every day. He inspired me to be a better woman, and a better wife. I am to this day so grateful to have met my soul mate, who supported me through the toughest struggle of my life - infertility. After we got married, we started trying for a baby basically on our honeymoon. We struggled to conceive for over 3 years before being blessed with our daughter Charleigh. She is now what inspires us both. She is so perfect, and every day, she inspires us both. I thank God for her every day, and each day with her is such a gift, and she inpires me to be the very best Mommy to her I can be. We've sadly lost 2 angels in our struggles, but have been blessed with 2 more beautiful baby girls who will be here in just 2 months. Nothing could be more inspiring than believing that you would NEVER be a Mother, to then being blessed with the worlds best job, and have been given 3 beautiful girls to love and care for each day. Every day in my life has been better because I am now a Mother. All Mother's are inspirational.

Thanks for the chance to enter your contest!

Your #1 Fan!!!

Celeste said...

What inspires me is my students. I teach kindergarten and they are constantly teaching me what it means to "be a kid at heart" and how to enjoy the little things in life. :)

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